Saturday, August 28, 2010

Quantum entanglement as a basis for quorum sensing.

My contribution to physics.

Quantum entanglement must be ubiquitous.  Random walks cannot be generated randomly because a 'random' walk will never occur if a path to completion is not available.  Neither is it possible for a cell to continuously generate random chemical signals via long-chain molecules.  The effort would be too energy-intensive.  

It can present the molecules on it's surface, but it cannot transmit them outbound into the medium where it exists.  For it to do so would presume the prior knowledge of the location of a correspondent in three dimensions; a targeting mechanism that would allow the molecule to track the movement of the correspondent over time and deliver itself, and an additional method to provide the correspondent with a response mechanism able to anticipate the location of the sender and return a reply.  That is possible through quantum entanglement, but quorum sensing is not viable unless the cells are physically very close together - less than the length of a long-chain molecule - and they are age-equivalent.  They need not be the same taxa.

Other signals are possible.  Coral releases eggs and sperm over a wide area at the same time from cues, thought to be external - the phase of the moon during a certain month - but there is almost certainly a more complicated explanation.  The moon can be obscured, storms can be present, volcanoes can erupt...but the coral still knows when and all of it releases at the same time.  It cannot be 'looking' at the moon and it cannot be affected by there is something else.  All organic matter is able to reproduce by 'knowing' when it is time to drop a seed or send off pollen.  Thus all organic material is entangled - across ALL taxa.

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