Friday, May 4, 2012

All that you predicted is coming true.

Yeah.  It always does.  Sometimes my timeline is a bit off, but it all
happens.  It has to.  The laws of physics apply in this universe.
People simply can't think them forward except theoretically.  Reality
escapes them.

I even have an analogy. I am standing in a dark tunnel which contains
train tracks.....and a bright light appears at the far end. I say. "A
train is coming" and I get off the tracks. Everyone else argues and
disses and refuses to accept the possibility until they have to dive
off the track to avoid the train....and then they act amazed.
"O.M.G.! Who could have EVER predicted a train in a train tunnel!?

"Um....I just told you a train was coming."

"You couldn't possible have known that!" "You aren't qualified to
make a statement like that." "Your degree has nothing to do with
railroad timetables". "QUIT TRYING TO SCARE PEOPLE". "Your agenda is
clear to me!" (My 'agenda' is always whatever the other person
opposes. Typically that means I am a socialist and hate America -
although I VOLUNTEERED to serve as a Combat Marine and )


There are other examples much closer to home - and I lose a LOT of
friends trying to explain that everyone's perception of reality is
clouded by their experiences, emotions and prejudices. Mine, too.
But if I have no emotional involvement in your issue - which is only
possible if I learn enough about it to be able to debate either side
of it. The emotional component is stripped away by whatever remains.


UN Ambassador: "No Exaggeration - Fate Of The World Depends On
Fukushima Reactor 4”

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